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What is SMART Recovery?

What is SMART Recovery? There are many paths to a successful recovery from substance misuse. While 12-step and other spirituality-based programs often get the most press, there are other options available, either instead of or in concert with, those programs. One of the more widespread and well-respected alternatives is the SMART Recovery program.

Graduation and Recovery

Graduation and Recovery  Change can be both thrilling and terrifying, and no time more so than graduation whether it be from high school or college. This arbitrary period seems to represent a transition into adulthood and self-sufficiency.  Being master of your own fate can offer a wealth of positive opportunities or a wide array of

Scholarship Recipient Spotlight: Krishan Clemente

Scholarship Recipient Spotlight: Krishan Clemente What consequences does it take for a person to change? For Krishan Clemente, after misusing substances for nearly two decades, a car accident that broke his neck ended up saving his life. Krishan had flirted with recovery previously but hadn’t been able to make the changes to

Substance Misuse by Middle Schoolers: A Growing Concern

Substance Misuse by Middle Schoolers: A Growing Concern Understanding how the disease of addiction develops is crucial to determining how it can be arrested, or ideally even prevented. While addiction can emerge at any point in a person’s life, from pre-teens to seniors, of particular concern to many in the field is a

The Kratom Controversy

The Kratom Controversy For those who follow the news surrounding substance misuse and recovery, kratom might not be a new topic.  For others, particularly laypeople, kratom might be entirely unfamiliar. No one with a vested interested in the recovery community can afford to remain unaware of the plant, it’s drug classification status, and