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Ana Cordeiro has been involved with the Ammon Foundation since 2017, working closely with the Executive Director. Although she has extensive experience in the for-profit sector, helping to manage her family’s exporting business for nearly ten years, non-profit work is what Ana is truly passionate about. The fact that she has been in recovery since 2009 is something Ana had kept relatively private, but when she joined #TeamAmmon, she knew that it was time to begin sharing it publicly. She hopes more people in addiction recovery will speak out about their experiences to increase awareness and highlight the importance of recovery support services.

Ana graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work. Her own rewarding experience with returning to school as a person in recovery has driven Ana to encourage others to do the same. She believes continued education can be an integral piece to sustaining recovery, and that it is a precious gift to one’s own spirit and future. One of the most influential experiences she had while in academia was being placed as an intern at a Family Success Center in Newark, New Jersey. There she grew a deep appreciation for the behind-the-scenes work of non-profits and saw first-hand how programs that run efficiently can have a widespread positive impact on the community. While working, going to school, and interning, Ana also volunteered her time to speak about her recovery to individuals in treatment centers and jails on a regular basis.

Ana’s roots are in the Tri-State Area, but she is now based in Los Angeles – where she is delighted to be spreading the mission and vision of the Ammon Foundation. When she’s not working, Ana enjoys spending time in nature, admiring art, attending stand-up comedy shows, and traveling with her wonderful husband, Robert.

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