Back to School: Concerns and Confidence

Back to School: Concerns and Confidence If you judged by department store offerings, back to school season starts the week after school lets out! However, many colleges and high schools in the Northeast

Exploring Different Academic Pathways

Exploring Different Academic Pathways It’s not outrageous to say that there are many pathways to personal success, each suited to an individual’s needs, taste, and resources. Because each person has a unique journey,

Animal Therapies in Recovery

Animal Therapies in Recovery If you follow any type of social media these days, or even watch the news, you are sure to see at least one story about a cute animal doing

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The Ammon Foundation is a 501(c)3 non profit organization.

We rely on donations from individuals, organizations or corporations to provide strategic support to remove barriers for those in addiction recovery. Due to the generosity of Ammon Labs all of our administrative costs are covered and every dollar donated goes directly to programming.