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Charles has a background in astrophysics, mathematics, finance and business – and has over twenty-five years of experience managing, founding and developing business projects. He has more than twenty years of experience in C level positions – including six years as President & CEO of a software development firm, and seven years as President & CEO of an advertising and defense research firm – which he guided to a $150 million market cap prior to sale. He has been responsible for raising more than $20 million in capital for various projects. Charles has also taken two of his company’s public, and been a board member and/or major shareholder in several other successful publicly traded businesses.

Charles founded and built one of the most successful In-Store Television networks ventures, which successfully expanded into major US markets with an advertising inventory of more than $40 million, and an audience of more than five million. Charles has over thirty years of experience as a director/trustee on charitable boards, with more than five years of experience in non-profit chairman positions. He has been solely responsible for contributions of more than $50 million to various causes.

1622 South Wood Avenue
Linden, New Jersey 07036