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Don is currently the CEO of Inspired Performance Institute which he founded and launched in 2015. Don received both his Masters & PhD in Clinical Psychology at Florida Christian University. He also has certifications in hypnotherapy and rapid resolution therapy. Not only has he practiced since 1993, he is also a professor and enjoys engaging and challenging the next generation of clinicians. Don has dedicated his life to helping families overcome trauma, and is recognized as a non-conventional and outside of the box thinker.

He is also a serial entrepreneur and has founded numerous successful non-profit and for-profit organizations including: Child Watch of North America, the Childhood Abuse & Trauma Foundation, Crisis Relief Network, Veterans Trauma Support Network, My Energy Geek and Trade Financial Group. Don is a visionary leader, and an accomplished businessman. Don has been married to his wife Bridget for over forty years, and they have three children: Brandon, Ashleigh and Tyson.

1622 South Wood Avenue
Linden, New Jersey 07036