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As a person in long-term recovery, Erik has been an active member in the recovery movement since 2008. Erik began his journey working closely with younger people in recovery at the New Hope Adolescent unit, where he volunteered his time for a number of years. In 2014, he became involved with the New Brunswick chapter of Young People in Recovery (YPR) to eventually take the lead role in 2016. Doing advocacy work with YPR has enabled him to work directly to implement strategies for youth coming into recovery. Some of these include his contribution to the development of the mentorship program at the Raymond Lesniak Experience, Recovery High School where he is currently an active mentor and advisor to that program. His current endeavors include the Aspire youth recovery program at the Montclair YMCA as well as the Dare to Dream recovery educational program in NYC. Erik completed his Associate of Arts from New York University, is a CCAR certified recovery coach, and continues to pursue ongoing training and education to help with the growing task of empowering a generation of young people coming into recovery.

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