Getting Over the Hump: Mid-Semester Study Strategies

After a few days to a week off for Thanksgiving or fall break, getting back into the groove of classes, studying, and grinding out essays can be a struggle. Wouldn’t it be easier to just spend another week at mom’s eating leftovers and catching up on Netflix shows? Hang in there—you’re almost at the finish line for this semester! With less than a month of classes remaining, now is the time to kick it into high gear, even if your motivation in running low.

With one month remaining…

Here are our top suggestions for staying the course for these last few weeks of the semester:

  1. Keep going to class. As tempting as it may be, now is not the time to skip a class to catch up on other work or to free up time for self-care. Simply showing up makes a huge difference in your success, even if attendance is not mandatory.
  2. Reward yourself. You do need to make time for breaks and self-care. Make a little deal with yourself—if you get XX hours of studying in during the week, you can spend XX hours relaxing on the weekend.
  3. Strength in numbers. You definitely aren’t the only one feeling slammed this time of year. Make studying more bearable by getting your regular study crew together and commit to a few hours each night at the library or coffee shop—just don’t distract each other too much!
  4. Don’t slack on your recovery. It’s essential that, no matter how busy or stressed you feel, you do not start cutting back on whatever it is you do to support your recovery. Skipping meetings or therapy sessions to get caught up on work is never the answer.

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