New Year’s Resolutions and The Importance of Finding Purpose in Recovery

“Don’t be afraid to dream. Don’t be afraid to turn the turmoil of your past life into a higher purpose. That can be done! To thrive, we must first survive. But don’t ever doubt that thriving in recovery is possible and happening every day. What is your recovery mission?” William White

Finding recovery is one of the most challenging life experiences anyone can go through. It’s a tremendous achievement. Where we see people excel in sustained recovery is overcoming and processing their past and gaining tools for dealing with everyday life, but also in finding meaning and purpose in life. It generates hope for the future and makes life worth living.

As we’re heading into a new year, consider taking a moment to consider what your wider aspirations are — your hopes and dreams, or your mission in life.

Recovery is a second chance for us. As hard as it can be, it’s easy to forget that it’s actually a gift. We get to choose how we want to move forward with our lives. For some, that looks like pursuing educational goals. And that’s something the Ammon Foundation can help with through scholarships.

Scholarship recipient Elia says “I feel so grateful … having Ammon believe in me enough to help with my tuition makes me believe in myself.” She continues, “My recovery gets stronger every semester as I am building a foundation to a good life for me and my kids.”

Take this opportunity to consider a few key questions:

– What is your passion?

– Why is it important to you?

– What lights you up when you think about it?

– How do you prefer to be of service to others?

– What would you jump out of bed for each day?

– What gives you a real sense of satisfaction?

In doing so, you find something greater than a job. Recovery advocate and writer William White says about finding his purpose, “I was blessed to find something more akin to a calling than a professional career,” he says.

He continues, “I made adjustments to again find that sweet spot of meaningful service and personal satisfaction … It was not about doing my own thing; it was about doing my part in a much larger unfolding drama by staying centered in that zone of intersection between personal pleasure and social purpose (or rediscovering it as quickly as possible).”

Purpose gives us a powerful feeling of being alive and connected to something greater than ourselves. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning rather than being obligated to go to a mundane job that gives us no joy. Purpose centers us and gives our life real meaning, especially if we are able to help others in the process.

White concludes, “There are few more powerful motivators than clarity of purpose. It is the source of the fierce determination and the unquenchable urgency that sparks and sustains successful advocacy movements — and lives of meaningful service.”

So instead of making New Year’s resolutions to hit the gym every day or lose twenty pounds, why not think bigger? Dream your way into making 2019 a year of purpose and passion.

The Ammon Foundation Scholarship provides life skills workshops to individuals in early recovery, and also assists people in addiction recovery for at least 6 months to complete their GED/High School Equivalency, Various Training Programs, Vocational Education, or a 2- or 4- year degree, in any area. To read more and determine if you are eligible, as well as to apply, please visit our website.