Scholars Profile: Tyler Leland Schultz

For scholarship recipient Tyler Schultz, life today looks considerably brighter than it did during his teenage years. Suffering with addiction for several years and in and out of treatment, he has now sustained recovery for three and a half years. The Ammon Foundation has enabled Tyler to pursue his dreams, and his educational goals of studying the music business. Because of the scholarship and his dedication, Tyler is expected to graduate from Augsburg University in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in spring 2020.

Tyler first started drinking and smoking in 2011. Though he noticed he was drinking more than his peers, passed out multiple times, and faced consequences with his schoolwork, he continued using until he blacked out at home and his parents took him to the ER, where he blew .28 in blood alcohol concentration. From there he entered a treatment program, but returned to using after three months.

It took until April 2015 and an inpatient treatment program for Tyler to find the right recovery solution for him. Through his hard work in a 12-step program, Tyler has repaired the relationship with his friends and family, he’s returned to his studies, and he’s held fulfilling jobs. Tyler says, “I have rebuilt an awesome relationship with my family and friends and put my trust into a 12 Step Program. As a result I have seen amazing things come to pass through my sophomore year of college.  I have earned a 3.8 GPA, I have been able to hold fulfilling jobs [while] not in school, and I have been able to work on and create music, meeting awesome people on the way.”

Being awarded a scholarship from the Ammon Foundation reignited Tyler’s passion for music. “Career-wise, I am focused on and dedicated to doing something in the music industry. I want to be able to work on projects that will positively impact people and help them feel a sense of belonging and understanding. Music is something that makes sense to me, and makes me feel like I belong, so I want to bring that feeling to other people,” says Tyler.

Since his initial award, Tyler enrolled at Augsburg University, where he is majoring in business administration with a special interest in the music business. He says, “I am learning a lot about how I will be able to make a career out of what I love to do. Academically, I have been doing very well on assignments and tests, have attended every class session outside of one sick day, and feel very confident and strong in the path that my educational journey is currently going down.”

Tyler is incredibly grateful to be afford the scholarships from the Ammon Foundation. “The scholarship has really helped put my mind at ease when it comes to the logistics of getting a college education. Knowing there are people who truly believe in me and want me to be a face of collegiate recovery and serenity is energizing and exciting for me,” he says.

He continues, “I have been able to really concentrate on my schoolwork and my recovery, and how I am going to make a difference in the world around me. Having a sister in her freshman year of college out of state, I truly believe that the scholarship has helped me stay in college. It has helped life become easier for my family and I in the past few months. It’s been an incredible blessing.”

Tyler successfully applied for a renewal of the scholarship for spring of 2019 and he is expected to graduate in 2020.

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