Scholarship Recipient Spotlight: Adam Sledd

One of the ways the Ammon Foundation promotes the pursuit of higher education among individuals in recovery from substance use disorders is through our scholarship program. Today we are highlighting the achievements of Adam Sledd, a recent scholarship awardee from West Chester, Pennsylvania. With over six and a half years in recovery, Adam is attending West Chester University and pursuing a Masters of Social Work degree with a concentration in nonprofit administration.

At the age of 41, Adam found himself facing three years in state prison for drug distribution and opted to participate in an incarceration alternative program. Although his commitment was shaky at first, Adam’s love for his son and his desire to be present in his life motivated Adam to take his recovery seriously. In recovery, Adam found that something was missing for him: “I laid stagnant for twenty years in my addiction. When I recovered, I needed a new sense of purpose—to reinvent myself professionally.”

A nontraditional student, Adam has returned to academia twenty years after earning his bachelor’s degree. He balances his education and his recovery with two jobs and family obligations. “The scholarship made a big difference in my life,” Adam says. “It doesn’t take much to help someone, and I’m glad the Ammon Foundation has decided to support as many students in recovery as they can. It means a lot to us.”

The Ammon Foundation is committed to removing barriers to higher education for individuals in addiction recovery. Your past does not determine your future. To learn more about our scholarships, our Empowerment Workshop Series, and our other services and initiatives, please visit our website.