Scholarship Recipient Spotlight: Elia Marie Hopkins

From her teenage years using drugs, Elia has embraced the recovery process and now coaches other people suffering from substance misuse disorders to wellness. Her enduring belief in the hope and power of the recovery process has allowed her to begin the healing process and parlay those skills into the ability to empathize with and assist her peers, personally and professionally.

Elia’s substance misuse began in her early teens and spiraled from dropping out of school in the 8th grade to eventually using any drug she had access to. Because she began using substances so early, one of Elia’s major goals for her recovery was to progress in her education. However, after a failed attempt led her to relapse and personal debt, she didn’t know how to make her goals a reality.  But she knew recovery was the only path forward. Working two jobs and trying to navigate early recovery, Elia needed help. That’s where the Ammon Foundation Scholarship Fund was able to step in to help and relieve some of the fiscal barrier to her continued education.

Having failed in the past left Elia with fears and insecurities about school, but she knew that in order to set the best example for her own children she needed to finish what she had started.  Now a student at Camden County College in the Addictions Counseling Program, she has been able to find a healthy balance between school, family, work, and recovery, while still finding safe ways to have fun!

Elia credits the Ammon Foundation Scholarship fund with helping her pursue her drive to earn her degree and help other people in recovery. She has over two years clean now and is active in her recovery and in the lives of her two daughters. She hopes to set a positive example for others who may not believe that recovery is possible. “I have a story that will give people hope and maybe inspire somebody…. I want to help people find their own recovery, just like people helped me.” This type of positive attitude and commitment to others is why the Ammon Foundation Scholarship Fund exists, because when one person benefits from an educational opportunity, he or she goes on to help so many more people in turn.

Education is a powerful tool to help people with substance misuse disorders, but the cost can be prohibitive. If you or someone you know is interested in applying for a scholarship from the Ammon Foundation, please visit our website.  For more positive stories about recovery, visit the Ammon Foundation blog!