Scholarship Recipient Spotlight: Krishan Clemente

What consequences does it take for a person to change? For Krishan Clemente, after misusing substances for nearly two decades, a car accident that broke his neck ended up saving his life. Krishan had flirted with recovery previously but hadn’t been able to make the changes to every aspect of his life to maintain a substance-free future, until his accident. This car accident and injury, followed by two serious overdoses, were the catalysts for positive changes in Krishan’s life.

Growing up in rural and suburban New Jersey, substance misuse wasn’t as overt, but still stalked young people like Krishan. After graduating from high school, Krishan entered college, but his substance use disorder led to his needing to take a semester off for rehab when he was 19. Although he returned to college thereafter, he was not able to complete his degree. He had given up on his dreams of education and helping others, lacked a driver’s license, and owed thousands of dollars in fines.

After his car accident in his early 30’s, Krishan became serious about recovery and made a commitment to his own sobriety. He knew that without addressing every area of his life and making positive changes, these efforts to change and stay sober would not be different from his previous attempts at failures. Krishan became active in 12-step recovery meetings, starting two different young people’s meetings in his area. He started working at the Hunterdon County Recovery Center, helping other local people of every age and background to gain a foothold in recovery. These experiences solidified his desire to return to school, but fear and lack of funding were major barriers preventing him from achieving his goal of becoming a substance abuse counselor. With the help of The Ammon Foundation’s Scholarship Fund, Krishan is back in college, working in the field of substance misuse support, and active in his own recovery.

Krishan lives in collegiate recovery housing at Rutgers University, which he attends full time, while working, attending and chairing 12-step meetings, and repairing his relationships with friends and family. While the process hasn’t been instantaneous, it has offered tremendous rewards, as he says:

For many years I assumed that I would never make it make to college and that I had blown my chance. My addiction previously destroyed my educational aspirations, but my recovery has propelled me to a situation where I am fully dedicated and focused on achieving everything I can in school which is affording me the best possible chance at excelling. My addiction and ultimate recovery may actually have afforded me an edge and passion that might not have been otherwise possible.

With the help of the Ammon Foundation Scholarship Fund, Krishan is living a life of meaning, of purpose, and of love, for himself and for those around him.

At the Ammon Foundation, we believe that funding shouldn’t prohibit dedicated individuals in recovery from pursuing their education goals.  If you or someone you know is interested in applying for a scholarship from the Ammon Foundation, please visit our website.  For more positive stories about recovery, visit the Ammon Foundation blog!