Scholarship Recipient Spotlight: Timothy D. Rousu

For one young man who grew up in an environment of addiction and violence, it took asking for help, legal consequences, and developing an appreciation for what he had, to begin to turn his life around. Timothy Rousu is an enrolled member of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, in the Band of Ojibwa from the White Earth Reservation.

In his childhood, Timothy watched many adults around him respond to life’s challenges by turning to substances or acting out with negative emotions.  From adolescence, he too began seeking attention with unhealthy behaviors and followed the path that had been modeled for him by misusing alcohol.

He longed for a better, more stable and fulfilling life, but he felt stagnant and stuck. He continued living this way until he was in his early 20’s, when he entered the Minnesota Department of Corrections for 12 months. By this time, he already had three beautiful children.  Timothy hadn’t yet decided to leave behind substance use, but he did use that time to better understand himself and seek out a higher power of his own understanding.

When he was released from the Minnesota Department of Corrections, he moved to a busier, more metropolitan area of Minnesota and made the decision to seek treatment. Instead of simply believing in a higher power, Timothy was determined to do everything in his ability to take suggestions and follow guidance. The changes didn’t happen overnight, but he persisted, despite setbacks and obstacles. He credits his positive outlook on his ability to focus on gratitude every day. This gratitude made it impossible for Timothy to see so much growth in his own life and not want to share those gifts with others. He is taking courses at Minneapolis Community and Technical College for an A.S. in Addiction Counseling and recently decided to get certified as a personal trainer. Timothy has completed his first semester and attained a perfect 4.0 GPA. In addition to attending school full time, he works part time, and is active in his recovery. His children are slowly returning to his life, and he is working hard to cement those relationships and model the positive characters traits he wants to share with his children.

“I have three beautiful children who have been patiently waiting for their father to finally be the Daddy they deserve,” says Timothy.

Developing a renewed sense of self-esteem and accomplishment for Timothy meant beginning a new educational path. With the support of a scholarship from The Ammon Foundation, he has been in recovery since February 25, 2017. For more profiles of scholarship recipients, as well as useful news and information about recovery, please visit our blog.