Sober Spring Break!

If your only mental picture of spring break involves pools, drinking, and debauchery, it might be hard to imagine what fun a sober spring break could look like. Expand your outlook a little, and there are plenty of sunny memories to be made with your friends! Learning how to enjoy yourself sober is one of the best ways to ensure a lasting and exciting recovery.

Adventures still await…

Just because you won’t be drinking alcohol doesn’t mean you can’t still hit the beach or travel someplace warm for spring break! Planning a trip overseas can be the experience of a lifetime, especially if you bring one or two close friends. Another great way to spend the break is by attending a concert or music festival. Many music festivals, such as Electric Forest, Lollapalooza, and Bonnaroo, now offer sober campsites and activities specifically geared towards people in recovery or seeking a respite from alcohol and other substances.

Close to home

One option for a sober spring break is to plan activities locally, like picnics, hot air balloon trips, or attending a local sporting event. You can also use this opportunity to bond with family members or high school friends you haven’t seen in a while. Going on a group hiking or camping trip for the day can be freeing, without the hassles or costs of an extensive excursion.

Traditional spring break destinations, with a new twist

Many young people in recovery from substance misuse issues still go with their peers to Jamaica, Cancun, Ft. Lauderdale, and Panama City. With some planning and communication, you can choose to have a safe, sober, and memorable trip. The most important suggestion is to surround yourself with friends who support your recovery or are also in recovery themselves. That way you won’t ever be left in a vulnerable position alone while those around you are intoxicated. Snorkeling, swimming, tubing, kayaking, and even just relaxing on the beach can all be done sober – and this way you’ll be certain to remember all the fun things you did and saw.

If you’re looking for ideas for healthy, sober ways to have fun, please visit the Ammon Foundation blog! We support people in recovery from addiction, and work for increased access to education for all.