The Ammon Foundation awards $54,239 in September 2019

Foundation’s scholarship program helps individuals in addiction recovery to pursue education.

Linden, N.J. (September 16, 2019) – The Ammon Foundation believes in investing in recovery.  For the last three years, they have made it their mission to support individuals in addiction recovery by awarding scholarships to assist students in recovery from addiction with their tuition and other expenses. This month, the Foundation has awarded $54,239 in scholarship funds to 42 individuals through their Ammon Recovery Scholars Program.  This last scholarship award cycle was comprised of applicants from June through August, and brings the total of scholarship funds awarded since mid-2017 to just shy of $200,000.

The Ammon Foundation was founded in 2016 by Steve Haupt as the philanthropic arm of Ammon Labs.  The Foundation’s mission is to empower individuals in addiction recovery through combating stigma and providing strategic support to enable personal success.  The Foundation aims to reach its critical mission via the Ammon Recovery Scholars Program. 

The Foundation believes, and data shows, when individuals in recovery are holistically supported to build purposeful lives, the likelihood of them maintaining their recovery substantially increases. Scholarship recipients are integrated into a national network of peers, which is comprised of students in recovery and other Ammon Recovery Scholars; this connection allows them to support each other both virtually and in person.  Additionally, the Foundation hosts an annual Leadership Summit and offers free Peer Recovery Coaching, Professional Mentoring, and Internships. The Foundation subscribes to the philosophy that in order for those in recovery to thrive, they must be supported by four pillars –  continued education, safe housing, stable employment, and adequate healthcare – and believe education is a stepping stone to the other three pillars. 

Foundation Executive Director, Mariel S. Hufnagel, says, “In such a short time, we have been able to do so much! I am so proud of the robust Scholarship Program we have built, and as such, the countless lives we have impacted. Our scholarships go way beyond removing financial barriers. Our scholarships help to confirm for individuals in recovery from addiction that they are worthy and capable of not only living life in recovery but doing anything they set their minds to. Recovery is not about settling or playing it safe or small. Nobody should ever need to pick between their recovery and continuing their education.”

Students who received the scholarships this cycle are attending the following educational institutions:

The Ammon Foundation partners with educational institutions to strategically support individuals in recovery. This scholarship cycle alone, we worked with four different partners to assist six different individuals. We believe that by creating intentional, mutually beneficial and long-term partnerships we increase our impact. 

Twenty-seven-year-old MacKenzie White is a student attending the Human Services & Substance Abuse Counseling Program at Southwestern Community College in North Carolina. “Being awarded this scholarship really has removed a huge burden off of me going to school, because I was able to get a laptop to help do my schoolwork,” said Mackenzie.  “It also made me feel accomplished in being able to continue to move forward in my recovery. Due to my addiction, I ruined a lot of good opportunities. I had then gotten to a point where I felt like I had made so many mistakes that I wouldn’t be able to achieve anything in life. Receiving this scholarship gave me hope that people believe in me and believe in my success.”  MacKenzie is three years in recovery and is set to graduate with her Associates Degree in the Spring of 2021. 

Jamar Franklin, 42, has been in recovery for three years and is a returning citizen – someone returning to the community after being incarcerated. He is attending the NJ Film School this fall with a full scholarship from The Ammon Foundation. He hopes to turn his love of photography into a lucrative career and is additionally considering creating a short independent film of his journey, “From Addiction to Accomplishment.”

Rutgers University student Emily Newton, twenty-one years old, also received a scholarship. The award was significant as she dealt with the uncertainty of financial aid.  “Being awarded a scholarship from Ammon Foundation feels great, and has overwhelmed me with gratitude for this opportunity. With my student loans not being approved this year, I was close to not being able to stay in school. Now, with the help of this scholarship, I will be able to continue my education, which is a dream come true.”  Emily is in recovery for just over a year and is currently majoring in psychology and minoring in sociology. Her anticipated graduation date is May 2020 and she hopes to pursue her Masters in Social Work.

September is National Recovery Month, sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), and The Ammon Foundation could not think of a better way to celebrate those in recovery from mental health and/or substance use disorders who live healthy and rewarding lives, then with this announcement. 

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