The First in Her Family: A First Generation Student Proves Anything is Possible

August 30, 2019

A student in recovery can face many unique challenges.  For many of the Ammon Recovery Scholars, there is also an additional hurdle: they are the first ones in their families to attend college at all. That is the case for China Shiflett.  

Students like China are considered first-generation students, and China considers herself blessed that she is the first in her family to experience higher education.  China is currently a student at Baltimore County Community College and has also been in recovery for two years. Her goal is to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), and she shares that her family is extremely proud of her. 

China first realized her interest in nursing when she began working in treatment centers.  “I realized some of the most important parts of someone’s recovery is the medical aspect and getting them back to health, or helping them through their detox and staying comfortable through the worst part of their recovery.” China adds, “I want to help in this epidemic that is happening.” 

As a trauma survivor, China found help via an inpatient treatment program, followed by outpatient aftercare.  Afterward, she moved into a recovery house. Today, China participates regularly in a 12-step program and continues to make her recovery a priority.  

“I feel beyond grateful and excited and honored to have been awarded this scholarship. I now feel confident that I can financially participate in school for this semester and start on my path to a new career. Thank you so much for this award. I am forever grateful to the Ammon Foundation. You have helped me and so many others in this process and I know you will continue to do so.”  

China has been able to not only receive a scholarship from Ammon Foundation, but also has been able to secure financial aid.  For those looking to attend vocational, trade and colleges, they should explore FASFA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and work within their educational institution to identify scholarships available.  Many colleges have Foundations within their campus that offer a number of scholarships for students. 

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