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Tim has been involved professionally and personally with addiction treatment, research and advocacy for thirty-five years and has been in continuous recovery since July of 1981.  Tim is the co-founder and a managing partner of Chooper’s Guide, a comprehensive addiction treatment and information and web resource; and, partner and Chief Operating Officer at Grace Street Recovery Services, Maine’s largest MAT (suboxone) program. Additionally Tim is an executive board member of Faces and Voices of Recovery; the co-founder and President of the Chooper’s Foundation; a technology advisor to C4 Recovery Solutions, Cohen Veterans Bioscience and Orion Bio-Networks; a member of the Maine Substance Abuse Service Commission; a consultant to Patrick Kennedy’s addiction and mental health initiatives; and, President of Floridians for Recovery, a statewide addiction recovery advocacy organization.

He recently developed the first real time multi-platform first responder opioid overdose reporting and notification application. He also owns and operates Clark’s Cove Farm & Inn in Maine. Previously, Tim was the City of Boston Drug Treatment Program Research Director, and the New Haven Community Correctional Center’s Program Director. As Boston’s SMSA representative and member of the Community Correspondents Group (CEWG), he authored five NIDA epidemiological publications.  Tim is proud to have introduced Narcotics Anonymous into the Connecticut State Prison system in 1983, and was the first delegate for harm reduction advocacy at the 1979 NIDA conference in Seattle. After founding and selling two human resource and technology companies to an international public company, he served as SVP and Regional Executive SVP, where he negotiated the Staffing industry’s first technology cooperation agreements with China in 2000.

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