Top 4 Holiday Gifts for Friends in Recovery

With the holidays fast approaching, you might be wondering if there is a nice way to acknowledge the recovery of a friend or loved one in your choice of gift. With the exception of a bottle of wine, shot glasses, or anything in that vein, people in recovery tend to appreciate the same sort of gifts as everyone else. Still, there are some particularly thoughtful ways to show recovering friends and family you care.

  1. Engraved items. Whether on an ornament or a piece of jewelry, you can have a positive recovery message or a sobriety date engraved on a special item for a one-of-a-kind gift this holiday.
  2. Journals. People in recovery spend a lot of time self-reflecting, and journaling is often a part of that process. A decorative journal is a gift that will also be instrumental in sustaining your loved one’s recovery process.
  3. Books. Self-help and other positive, uplifting books—both fiction and nonfiction—are a thoughtful gift for individuals in recovery.
  4. Coffee. It’s a definite generalization, but a good portion of people in recovery really love coffee. Whether a Starbucks gift card or a new espresso machine, coffee-related gifts are a favorite among individuals in recovery.

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