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Vanity is an example of the positive change that a committed and passionate young person can make in a community that hungers for visible young role models. Inspired by the lack of beautification and artists engaged in the neighborhood she moved to, Vanity became an advocate and creator of opportunity. To date she has organized, coordinated and partnered with over 300 community events. While working at a community development firm for over six years, Vanity possess grassroots skill sets that enable her to effectively lead residents and drive long-lasting change.

Although heavily involved in the community, her expertise is not limited to community development. In 2016, she started an organization called Love over Advocacy – shaping the narrative of love awareness one person at a time; they give out free hugs, create love grams to distribute, and facilitate self-awareness workshops. Vanity also is the co-founder and organizational manager of Black Girl Magic Delaware.

1622 South Wood Avenue
Linden, New Jersey 07036