To arm individuals in addiction recovery with vital life skills.


Addiction tears lives apart. When people in recovery start to glue the pieces back together, they need help with everyday tasks that others often take for granted. Learning how to navigate daily living can be a challenge in itself, and it is imperative to equip individuals with strategies and skills to rebuild their lives. Research affirms that individuals in recovery may lack life skills for two reasons: they never learned the skills or may have lost the skills as a result of their prolonged substance misuse.
We offer a 6-module, evidence-based and nationally recognized life skills training program, facilitated by Certified Ammon Empowerment Coaches; all individuals with lived experience. The Empowerment Workshop Series is a holistic approach to one’s recovery process. Workshops are educational, unique, innovative and dedicated to inspiring and guiding people in early recovery. This peer-to-peer, strengths-based dynamic equips participants with the tools to improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life and reach their full potential.

Self Care

Participants discover various self-care strategies, explore their recovery capital, complete a self-assessment and develop a realistic self-care plan that supports their long-term wellness.

Time Management 101

Participants learn how to plan and set SMART goals, establish boundaries and manage their lives and their recovery.

Going Back to School: Why and How?

Participants explore the various educational pathways such as; vocational, trade school, community and four year college; the benefits of pursuing education; as well as the financial resources available for their preferred educational track.

Study Skills 101

Participants examine their learning styles and develop strategies to study successfully.

Budgeting 101

Participants assess their financial assets and create a working budget to meet their goals.

Resume Writing & Interviewing Skills

Participants learn to write a compelling cover letter, resume and thank you letter for employment. They also learn about legal protections, managing gaps in their resume, their online presence and the art of self-disclosure.


“Our clients are benefitting from these Empowerment Workshops. Our clients and the rest of the team are grateful for this wonderful collaboration between MCAC and The Ammon Foundation.”

Lorna Romero-Tangara, Executive Director

Morris County Aftercare, Denville NJ

We are proud to stand as a partner with inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment centers, healthcare providers, halfway houses and sober living facilities, recovery community organizations and more.  Our workshops ensure a robust and holistic continuum of care for individuals in recovery. The Ammon approach empowers individuals and allows them to experience a higher level of self-efficacy in maintaining their recovery inside and outside of clinical settings.

Data confirms that our Empowerment Workshop Series has positive impact in the following areas:

Program participation and completion

Client satisfaction and success

Alumni engagement

Recovery outcomes

Long-term client quality of life

How to Become an Empowerment Partner

Workshops are available for a nominal fee. Partners can register for one workshop or take advantage of extra savings with the entire Series. Implementation and execution of workshops are designed to meet each organization’s unique needs.

  • Step 1 Complete the online inquiry form here or email: workshops@ammonfoundation.org

  • Step 2 Enter into agreement with the Ammon Foundation and schedule our Empowerment Workshop(s).

  • Step 3 Program launch: Empower your clients to thrive!

Our Empowerment Coaches are Ambassadors of the Ammon Foundation and play a vital role in furthering our mission. Our Empowerment Coaches arm individuals in addiction recovery with the vital life skills to thrive and they help combat the stigma connected to the disease of addiction, by promoting that recovery is possible.

We believe in the authenticity of peers helping peers—drawing on the power of example, as well as the hope and motivation, that one person in recovery can offer to another; providing opportunities to give back to the community; and embracing the notion that both people in a relationship based on mutuality can be helped and empowered in the process.

Our Coaches are specially trained and certified to deliver our high quality, evidence-based curricula while infusing their own energy, innovation and expertise. Coaches are aware of and respect multiple pathways to recovery and receive ongoing support, supervision and professional development.

Your Past Does Not Define Your Future

Whether you are going back to school, managing your finances, exercising self-care or looking for a new job— be proud of yourself! You had to scale mountains and swim oceans to reclaim the best pieces of yourself. Know that you’re limitless, and there is nothing you can’t overcome.

As an Ammon Empowerment Workshop participant, you will engage in a potentially life-changing experience! All workshops are facilitated by Ammon Empowerment Coaches – individuals with lived experience. You will receive a certificate of completion, join a support network of Ammon Ambassadors and receive ongoing resources that promote your long-term recovery and overall well-being. Lastly, should you decide to return to school, you qualify to receive priority standing for our academic scholarships.

“I appreciate everything from the coaches’ calm demeanor…and your engaging and interactive delivery.”



The Ammon Foundation is a 501(c)3 non profit organization.

We rely on donations from individuals, organizations or corporations to provide strategic support to remove barriers for those in addiction recovery.



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